As a Quinnite, I promise to embrace the ideals of servant leadership and will, at all times, display only the highest degree of ethical practices, spiritual faithfulness, and financial responsibility.

As a Quinnite, I believe in the “Four Ls of Quinnite Leadership”: Leave places better than you found them; Lead from wherever you are; Live a life that matters; and Love something greater than yourself.

As a Quinnite, I believe in making no small plans. I will be bold, fearless and relentless in the pursuit of my dreams.

As a Quinnite, I believe in being both a speaker of words and doer of deeds.

As a Quinnite, I believe that life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. Therefore, I will always be courageous.

As a Quinnite, I will never allow a stumble to become a fall. I will always keep my eyes on the prize and continue to march forward. 

As a Quinnite, I believe in the beauty and strength of families and vow to always be a respectful mate and a loving parent.

As a Quinnite, I believe in the words of Isaiah 58:9-12 and commit to feeding the hungry, taking care of the needs of the troubled and rebuilding old cities, roads and houses.

As a Quinnite, I accept that greatness is the goal for myself, for my school and for my community, now and forever.

- Amen.


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