Leonard HaggertyI am the lead cook of Paul Quinn College. I was taught to cook as a child while watching my mother. At the age of eighteen, I continued my education at Culinary Arts in McKinney, Texas. I enjoy creating dishes with different spices which will cater to different preferences of food that people liketo eat. I started my professional career at Paul Quinn College thirteen years ago.

During my time here, the students and staff have counted on me to serve them tasty quality cuisines in a timely manner. The students know that I will give advice based on life experience if asked, but I will not cut any corners with them. In the past years, I've seen Professors, Deans and Presidents come and go but change is a part of life. If it takes many transitions to make a positive difference, then change is very good.

The students want to learn and grow because Paul Quinn now has a staff that cares about quality education. African American History is the heart of the educational system which personally educates me by just being in the midst of it all.

There are other places where I could express my skills in culinary arts, but the question is,"Will Leonard Haggerty experience happiness and freedom to express himself in his field of work?" The answer is no! I've enjoyed my experiences at Paul Quinn College, and I look forward to many more years here.

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